We are all about style, but pay little attention to trends. Timeless and contemporary at the same time. Our style is eternal.

When we design we use the finest fabrics, in the best qualities. Our look is flattering, comfortable to wear and makes you look both flawless and effortlessly cool.

Our collections are slow fashion. Long-lasting garments, made to be worn seasonless, in a countless number of ways. We have no seasons. We use different fabrics to meet cold and warm weather.

We aim to be the life wear brand for influential and conscious women on the international market.

A PART OF THE ART was founded February 2018 in Stockholm by Lisa Söderman, who has a vast experience from design and production, and Jenny Neck with a long history in sales and marketing. “We live in Stockholm, work in Stockholm and design in Stockholm. From our Stockholm base we aim for the world.”

Time is 5.05. It’s Tuesday. A woman walks up a stairwell. She is on her way home from work, she carries a paper bag with groceries and freshly baked bread. She opens the tall white front door and walks into her apartment. It is sparingly furnished. Old Danish designs – brown leather, wood and steel. Walls are in muted colours – beige, grey and off-white.

On the marble kitchen table, white lilies stand in a tall glass vase. The air is filled with a sweet scent of bread and flowers. She walks slowly. The floor is made of pale wood and is smooth against her bare feet.

She leaves the grocery bag on the kitchen table and walks into the living room. Lays down on the white couch with a glass of cold Sancerre in her hand. She lets her hair out. It’s dark, long and has a natural texture. Her make up is minimal and flawless. She stretches out for the remote control. Arranges the pillow under her head. Pulls the blanket up and puts the music on –“Two nights” with Lykke Li. She turns the volume up and closes her eyes. She is home.

Dedicated to the gentlewoman
and her favorite moments

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