Candels burn bright on the windowsill and her body feels heavy – like a raindeer walking through thick snow. Yet she is absolutely relaxed, at peace.

She still has some hairspray in her bangs. It lays slight to the right, but there is something about her hair that always makes it look effortlessly chic

It is the last hour of light outside, with that deep blue sky.

The parquet creeks a bit as she walks to the kitchen. The soothing sound from the cracking fire spreads warmth through heart and soul. From the speakers comes a tune… ”Two Nights” with Lykke Li.

The fabric is like a kiss on her skin.



Ego Set is the softest set there is. Wear it at any time when you wish to feel comfy, airy and absolutely relaxed.

A shirt with a straight classic fit with cuffed sleeves, visible buttons in shell and a neat pyjama inspired collar.

Ego pants has a straight leg with a a relaxed crotch, elastic waistband, slightly cropped leg with gathering to ensure optimal comfort made from a light soft and stretchy jersey fabric in modal blend.

A Part moments

Vi har bett kvinnor som inspirerar oss att berätta om sina bästa stunder. Tagga dina härliga bilder med #apartmoments så vi får ta del av just dina favoritstunder.